Course image Bilingual Training and Education Program to Improve Practices that Affect Milk Quality
Animal Science

Having properly trained employees is critical for the production of high-quality milk and animal care and well-being. This training program has been designed to help you better understand the how’s and why’s of handling and milking cows.

This course is free and no enrollment key is needed.

Contar con empleados debidamente capacitados es fundamental para la producción de leche de alta calidad y el cuidado y bienestar de los animales. Este programa de capacitación ha sido diseñado para ayudarle a comprender mejor el cómo y el porqué de mover y ordeñar vacas.

Este curso es gratuito y no se necesita crear una clave para inscribirse.

Course image Felid Husbandry Course
Animal Science

The Felid Husbandry Course was developed by the Felid Taxon Advisory Group (TAG). The course is designed for front-line cat keepers and managers (for all managed felid species) and covers various aspects of managing felids including safety, veterinary care, nutrition, enrichment, introductions and birth management to exhibit design and people skills.  Our instructors have extensive combined experience and look forward with working with you and enhancing your knowledge base for managing felids. 

Please contact Cheryl Morris if you are interested in this course. 

Course image Lameness in Dairy Cattle
Animal Science

This Master Hoof Care Technician Program is a training program for instruction in hoof care and trimming taught by Dr. J. K. Shearer of Iowa State, College of Veterinary Medicine. 

This course is by invitation only and an enrollment key is required.

Course image Swine Carcass Management
Animal Science

This course is by invitation only and not available to the general public.