Course image Advanced Grain Elevator Operations Management - On-Site Course
Post-Harvest Management & Feed Technology

Welcome to the Iowa State University - Advanced Grain Elevator Operations Management (AGEOM) – On-Site Course. The course was developed by Iowa State University and grain industry experts and is offered in partnership with the Agribusiness Association of Iowa.
This course is designed to be hands-on and in-person, however we have found that offering materials online can really help participants. It is a simple way for you to download course materials to your personal or company computers for review and future reference. We have posted the lessons in a larger format (two slides per page instead of six slides per page in the course handbook),and will also be posting the exercise solution keys that we will go through together in class. 

View of the ISU feed mill drawing from the northwest

Course image Postharvest Food Loss and Waste Reduction: Towards Sustainable Food Systems
Post-Harvest Management & Feed Technology

This course is made up of pre-recorded modules that are available to students that are not able to view the live lectures for the short course. 

Banner for the course and shows photos of all involved.

Course image Practical Aspects in Postharvest Loss and Waste Management
Post-Harvest Management & Feed Technology

The  course will cover the core concepts of high relevance to the subject of post-harvest losses and food waste management and will help train students, academics and extension professionals to solve critical food security challenges.

The course will encompass 30 to 40 hours of online lectures that will be initially coordinated by Prof. Samir Droby and Dr. Amnon Lichter. The lectures will be given by researchers from the Volcani Center, by lecturers among the Consortium members and other external experts. The course may be incorporated in academic programs at universities in Africa, South America and the US. The course can be used for credit by students as parts of their academic studies, as specified and overseen by their own institutions.