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This course is part of the Iowa 4-H Enthusiasts: Clothing and Sewing Program. Contact Brenda Welch, bwelch@iastate.edu, if you have questions on enrollment.

This course will require an enrollment key and is restricted to Ida County Extension 4-H Club Treasurers. 

An enrollment key is required for this course. 

Iowa 4-H Crops Feed the World Lessons are designed to teach youth in grades 4 through 12 about the exciting world of crop sciences and crop production. Starting with an appreciation of what crops and farmers do for us and ending with a deeper understanding of the biology, study and production of crop plants. After going through all the lessons and doing lots of activities youth will become crops experts!


A lesson plan 

An online and interactive learning module on the topic 

Directions for two (or more) hands-on activities 

Directions for next steps to continue learning, find more experiences, and apply learning 

The lessons have been designed so that anyone can use them, youth or instructor, regardless of background knowledge or experience.  However, it is highly recommended that users seek out professionals to assist youth in mastery of the subject. This might mean visiting a local farmer or inviting an extension specialist to do an activity with you. Ideas for how to connect with professionals are provided in the "What Next" sections of the lessons.

This course is a professional development resource for Iowa 4-H youth development staff. Current training curriculum that is relevant for all staff will be shared here.